Our Learning Community~2012

We would like to wish Mrs. Krefting all the best as she starts her maternity leave.  Although she will be missed by our LC7 community, we know that she will visit us often.

Joining our LC7 team is Ms. Doyle. Ms. Doyle recently returned from travel overseas and is excited to begin learning alongside all of us at Greystone. She brings to us experience in French as a Second Language, Foods and Fashion, Social Studies, French/English Language Arts and Dance.  Ms. Doyle is currently on a leave of absence from the Calgary School Board where she taught for the past five years after teaching in England and Scotland.  We look forward to having Ms. Doyle join our team!

LC7 also welcomes Miss. Rodgers, a student teacher from the University of Lethbridge.  Miss Rodgers will be spending the next four months in 7B as well as teaching the grade 7 drama option.

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Snowed In At Greystone

A Greystone Family Gathering!
Please join us on Thursday December 22nd from 7:00-8:30 to spend time with family and friends at Greystone Centennial Middle School. There will be Hayrides, Karaoke, Cookie Decorating and more. We hope to see you there!

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Re-Cap the Weeks of December 5th – 16th.

7A and 7B completed the Heroes program.  This program helped students recognize their gifts and abilities.  We celebrated the completion of the program by eating cake and toasting our special talents.  Students from 7C and 7D will participate in the program after the winter break.


This week we continued to work with adding and subtracting fractions.  A great link for fraction games to practice at home is:

The fraction soccer game is a favourite of many of the students.


It is amazing to see what the students are learning in their inquiry project on “Bridging the Gap.”  Over the next few nights please have your child explain the proposal they created.

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Winter Celebration Letter

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Parents and Guardians, We have had a great year in LC7 thus far and with December Break around the corner, we have decided it would be fitting to celebrate the hard work the students have done. On Friday, December 23rd, we will be spending the afternoon watching movies, playing games and eating food. We would like each student to bring two dollars ($2) by Monday, December 19, 2011 to help cover the cost of food for the 23rd. Students will not need to bring a lunch that day. Students are permitted to bring movies that are no more than PG rating as well as individual games and gaming systems such as PSP or Nintendo DSi. Thank you for your support. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Sincerely, Jessie Krefting Trish Spink Catherine Savard Matt Stelmaschuk

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Word Wall Words

Here are the Word Wall Words we will be working with this week.  The students will be tested on these words on Friday as well as some random words from previous weeks.

  • are
  • everyone
  • can’t
  • everything
  • don’t
  • our
  • won’t
  • right
  • everybody
  • write
  • structure
  • force
  • tensile
  • design
  • materials
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Re-Cap of November 28th – December 2nd, 2011

Student-led Conferences

Thank you to all LC7 students and their families for another successful two days of conferences. The students were all excited to showcase their learning, identify their areas of strength and growth and set up learning goals this year with their families and teachers. If you have any more questions about the report card or your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact any of the LC7 teachers.

Jolene Cote Comedy and Silent Auction Fundraiser:

Jolene dedicated her life to helping others and enriching the community she lived in and now it is our turn to give back to her. We are hosting two nights of comedy on Monday, December 19th and Tuesday, December 20th at the Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove. Host Graham Neil (CTV) and headliner, Kenny Valgardson have graciously volunteered their talents. In conjunction with each of these comedy shows, we will host silent auctions. All funds raised from the two evenings will go directly to the Jolene Cote Memorial Trust Fund.

Kinette Hamper:

Letters regarding our annual Spruce Grove Kinette Hamper went out on Friday. We are inviting our Greystone families to participate in this amazing project  and would like donations of non-perishable food items, and unwrapped gifts for our hampers.


  • Emphasis on non-perishible food items (list went home on Friday)
  • Gifts are to be unwrapped
  • All items must be marked with the family number
  • Hamper donations are requested by Friday, December 9th for the delivery on Monday, December 12th.

Hamper #171

1 adult male, 1 adult female, 3 male children (9, 12,15)

Hamper #172

I adult female, 2 female children (ages 3 and 9), 2 male children (ages 6 and 12)


LC7A and B will be completing their Heroes program with their last day on December 8th. The students have enjoyed being with fantastic volunteers, Lorne and Kathy Jespersen , learning about confidence, self-esteem and the value of forming healthy relationships with their peers.  7C and D will be participating in the Heroes program in the new year!


We have started our novel study on a variety of books relating to the social studies curriculum. Students have been placed in groups and each member of the group has a role during the reading of the book and has been completing their role sheet and discussing their role at the end of each reading day. A synopsis of each book is listed below.

Sister to the Wolf:

Cecile, who lives in Quebec in the early 1700s, sees a Lesharo, “an indien slave,” being branded by his master. She buys Lesharo and frees him, and their paths become further intertwined when he accompanies Cecile and her father to Fort Detroit. They explore each other’s cultures while growing to trust one other. Cecile, an independent young woman with a surprisingly forward-thinking father, makes a sympathetic heroine. Several historical people and events are woven into the story, but more memorable are the fictional characters at the forefront, their trials, and their relationships. Trottier, a Canadian writer whose ancestral tree includes branches at Fort Detroit, tells a memorable story without the sentimentality that often results when romance meets historical fiction.


 The Dream Carvers

Thrand, a Norse boy in the 11th century, is captured by the Beothuk, the red ochre people of the new-found land. At first his thoughts are only of his home in Greenland, and he struggles with his sense of identity as he lives among people so different from him. But slowly he adjusts to the world of the Beothuk, learning their language and their ways. In time he begins to think of himself as one of the red ochre people and is pleased with his new sense of belonging.


The Savage River:

The Savage River is a gripping account by award-winning author Marjorie Wilkins Campbell of one of the greatest adventures in Canadian history. First published in 1968, the book is base on Simon Fraser’s journal of his remarkable journey on the river that bears his name.


Willa’s New World:

A long wilderness journey puts an orphan on the road to independence in this absorbing debut, set in Canada around the turn of the nineteenth century. With her father and family dead, 15-year-old Willa becomes the ward of her grand-uncle, who quickly washes his hands of her, bribing a ship’s captain to transport her to a trading post on Hudson’s Bay. Cast rudely ashore, she escapes the clutches of Dyer, the post’s brutal surgeon, and finds a friend in Misiwapos, a Native American cook who has taken the name Amelia. As the first strong, self-reliant woman she has ever met, Amelia is a revelation to Willa, even more so after she reveals that she’s been sent by her people to spy on the Europeans. Willa’s re-education continues under Amelia’s mother, Moon, an itinerant healer. Eventually, Willa learns to live in harmony with nature, and when the news comes that Dyer has beaten Amelia into a coma, Willa takes a spirit journey to her friend’s bedside. Nearly all danger and violence are either off stage or allusive, but Demers romanticizes history, contrasting the noble natives and dirty, savage British with simplistic sharpness. It’s Willa’s painful sense of being cast utterly adrift that will have readers following her journey of self discovery with great interest.


The King’s Daughter

Jeanne Chatel has always dreamed of adventure. So when the eighteen-year-old orphan is summoned to sail from France to the wilds of North America to become a king’s daughter and marry a French settler, she doesn’t hesitate.



We are continuing with converting fractions, decimals and percents as well as ordering and comparing fractions. The students have been working on a variety of worksheets, Smartboard applications and games as well as through the textbook.



Bridging the Gap Inquiry

The students have begun working on an inquiry project in Science called “Bridging the Gap”. Currently, the students are working on Task 1:
Task #1 – Finding Out (Role-specific research)
Gather, through research the necessary background information needed for your group to base its planning decisions and ultimately steer its proposal. Students will have the chance to search various sites on-line to attain information relevant to their specific role. Following this they will need to summarize their findings in a written (word-processing) report to their team members

Within your team of engineers, individual specialist will be determined (The structural historian, the construction materials expert, the design expert and if necessary, a special considerations consultant (i.e. for environmental impact assessment, or geological considerations) 


The Structural Historian
-Historical research of bridge successes and failures
-identify examples of bridges that have experienced structural failures Why did they fail? Was the failure due to material, design or extraordinary circumstances?
-Identify examples of a variety of bridge success Why were they a success? What obstacles did they overcome? Why were these specific designs and materials selected?
-present this information to your teams members and prepare to incorporate it into your teams’ decision-making process and ultimately into your plan and presentation to the powers that be

The Materials Expert
-Research material options
-what materials are available for bridge construction?
-how do these materials compare in terms of their strength: tensile, compressive, shear, torsion, etc.
-how do they compare in terms of their cost and availability?
-how do they compare in terms of their weight and stability of the overall structure?
-present this information to your teams members and prepare to incorporate it into your teams’ decision-making process and ultimately into your plan and  presentation to the powers that be

The Design Expert
-Research the variety of bridge designs
-understand the types of circumstances in which you might find each type
-how does each type deal with stresses and loads that might be placed upon them?
-are there limits to what each type will support
-present this information to your teams members and prepare to incorporate it into your teams’ decision- making process and ultimately into your plan and  presentation to the powers that be

Thank you in advance for supporting your child in getting this project completed. Any questions, please contact the LC7 team!

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Jolene Cote Comedy Show and Silent Auction

Tragically, on October 13, 2011, Jolene Côté’s life was ended, the victim of homicide at age 36, leaving her family, including her husband and two small children, many friends, students, colleagues, and teammates, devastated and overwhelmed with the loss.

Jolene’s two small children always came first in her life; she was a kind and gentle mother, a loving and adored wife, a cherished daughter, sister and friend to so many.  Mrs. Côté was a dedicated and popular teacher at Greystone Centennial Middle School, and prior to that, she taught at Mayerthorpe Junior High School for many years.  Jolene had a love for sports; she coached several athletic teams, such as basketball and golf and played on many teams over the years including slowpitch, curling, team handball, and soccer.  Jolene dedicated her life to helping others and enriching the community she lived in, and now it is our turn to give back to her.

We are hosting two nights of comedy on Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20, 2011, at the Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove, Alberta.  Host, Graham Neil (CTV), and headliner, Kenny Valgardson, have graciously volunteered their talents.  In conjunction with each of these comedy shows, we will host silent auctions. All funds raised from the two evenings will go directly to the Jolene Côté Memorial Trust Fund.

If you are interested in attending, please go to


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