Greystone is so proud of Zachary!

Zachary Schneider in LC 7 B was our school representative for the Torch Relay for the Alberta Winter Games.

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Re-cap of the week of: January 30th – February 3rd, 2012

Science: For Food and Fibre Resources and Videos:

The first half of this unit is very technical as we are learning about the parts of a plant and plant processes. With that being said here are some of websites that will help you review, students!

The above site contains multimedia on osmosis,diffusion, photosynthesis, parts of a flower and leaf.
The above is a song on photosynthesis


We are still within the infancy of our inquiry. Currently we are obtaining the appropriate background knowledge; becoming familiar with the world of our unit through our read-aloud novel, websites and textbook. Pretty soon it will become hands-on and student-led… we can’t wait to see the creativity that will emerge!


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Week Recap: January 23rd – 27th, 2012

This week had plenty of new and fresh beginnings.

In math, some of us have started a new unit called Patterns and Relations. Please remember to apply the order of operations – BEDMAS – and you will be successful!

In humanities we will be moving onto a new inquiry focusing on Acadia. To kick off the unit we banished students from our classrooms. One or two students were banished from each class and had to spend a large chunk of the day in seclusion. The impact this had on those individuals and their classmates was significant. We hope this experiment allows students to have a stronger connection to the Canadian history we are about to delve into.

Our new novel study is Banished from Our Home: The Acadian Diary of Angeligue Richard, it will be a read-aloud and is connected to our inquiry.

The Plants for Food and Fibre unit in science is also progressing well.

On Thursday we went to the Horizon stage to see Invaluable, the students had a ton of great things to say about the production and were super supportive of their peers on the stage.

7C has been exploring some cool writing techniques in their journals and have been creating some really great work, especially with their found poetry writing. Keep up the great work!

7Bs Bridging the Gap assignment is coming home!

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Word Wall Words

Here are the commonly misspelled words that LC7 will be working with this week.  We will have our Word Wall Test on Friday.
















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Week of January 16th – 20th Recap:


Online integer games/activities:

(Subtracting integers)

(Integer lines)

Students, remember the Same, Change, Change trick when it comes to subtracting integers.

We expect that Integers will roughly end within the next week in which we will begin a new unit on Patterns and Relations.


Task #5, Sell It to Me, of the Bridging the Gap Project went really well. The students’ presentations were thorough and well delivered! This science unit has come to its end with a unit exam, and the new unit, Plants for Food and Fibre, will begin at the top of next week.


And yet another unit that we are saying farewell to… The Novel Studies involving the Social Studies curriculum is near its end. Part A of the Final projects are going well and just a reminder that Part B is due Monday.

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Ski Trip to Jasper

A letter went home about an upcoming opportunity for our students.  Greystone Cenntennial Middle School is happy to offer the LC 7/8/9 students the opportunity to ski/snowboard in Marmot Basin in Jasper on Tuesday February 21st.  The cost of the trip is $119 per student which includes travel on a luxury motor coach, a lift ticket and 1.5 hour lesson for less experienced skiers and snowboarders.  Space is limited so please return the form and money as soon as possible.

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Re-Cap for the Week of January 9-13th.

Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a restful and relaxing Christmas Break.  LC7 students were excited to return to school and ready to learn.


This week we started learning about integers.  The students started off the unit by discussing that learning about integers is important because we use them in weather, sports, finances and science.  The students then had the opportunity to use coloured tiles to represent positive and negative integers.


LC7 students completed task #5 of Our Bridging the Gap Project.  Task #5 was Sell It to Me…  Each group developed a proposal (in PowerPoint) which summarized the research of their team and outlined all the considerations they made when selecting a design.  Many of the groups even incorporated digital images and blue prints into their projects.  The groups will present it to the class next week.

LC 7A and 7B will be having a unit test on Forces and Structures next week.


Here is the Novel Study Project students started this week:

To complete the novel study, you will be responsible for choosing one final project to complete on your chosen book. You will choose one project from List A and one project from list B to complete and hand in.

List A: Please choose one1. Create an illustrated map indicating the locations of the important events in the story. Each location should have a small illustration and a caption to go with it explaining the significance of that place. 
2. Construct a diorama (three dimensional scene which includes models of people, buildings, plants and animals) of one of the main events of the book. Include a written description of the scene. 
3. Make a mobile about the story that has at least 5 items. Include a written description of each item.
4. Make a wanted poster for one of the characters in the book. Include the following: (a) a drawing, (b) a physical description, (c) a list of the character’s “crimes” (d) other important information.
5. Create a book cube. Cover a square box with paper. On each of the four sides illustrate and describe the following from your story: important characters, setting, problem or conflict, solution to the conflict. Use the top of the square to write the book’s title and author.


Due dates:

My Project 

List A

Wednesday, January 18th


List B

Monday, January 23rd


List B: Please choose one: Minimum length 250 words. (These do not require a separate summary)1. Complete each of these eight ideas with material growing out of the book you read: This book made me wish that …, realize that …, decide that …, wonder about …, see that …, believe that …, feel that …, and hope that… ., why you would or would not read another book by this author.
2. Write an obituary, using obituary format, for your character assuming that he / she lived to an old age. 
3. Make a table of contents for your novel. Create a title for each chapter together with a one line description of what happens in that chapter. (can be less that 250 words)
4. Pretend you are one of the characters in the novel. Write at least five diary entries explaining events that occurred in the novel.
5. You are going to be the MC at a banquet honouring the main character in your novel. Prepare a speech that introduces the character, describes the award being presented, and explains why he / she deserves this special recognition.


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