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Great opportunity for parents!

PARENTS of Parkland School Division
are invited to attend:

Globalization of Assessment

The economy has drastically changed and now the education system needs to change how it is preparing students for the world outside the walls of the classroom. Traditional assessment and instructional techniques are preparing students for the traditional world not the current one. Education cannot keep doing what it has always been doing and expect a different outcome.

Presented by David Martin
Dave has been teaching High School Mathematics for 5 years. He is currently teaching Calculus, but has taught both Junior High and High School Math. Recently, Dave was nominated for Alberta Teacher of Excellence in the field of technology innovation. At one point in time, Dave used worksheets, tests and homework to motivate students to learn math, however, currently he has outlawed all three in his classroom.
Dave is currently teaching at Notre Dame High School in Red Deer, Alberta. Dave graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a degree in both Mathematics and Education, and is currently taking his Masters of Mathematics Education through the University of Waterloo. He has spoken at events throughout Alberta, sharing his message of how he is moving away from traditional assessments and towards an approach where he instructs through his assessments and how learning is always the focus.

At the Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove
Wednesday, May 2, 2012 7:00-8:15
Doors open at 6:45
No ticket required

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Spring Break

LC 7 would like to wish everyone a restful and relaxing Spring Break. Just a reminder that the scripts for our inquiry projects are due after the holidays.

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Recap of the week of March 12th – 16th

Our current Math and Science Units are being wrapped up and LC7 can look forward to begin new topics on Statistics & Probabilities and Interactions & Ecosystems. Some will start right away and others will have a new slate after Spring Break.

In regards to Humanities, the five groups  are developing their scripts geared toward their assigned pre-confederation event. Once the scripts have been written, assigning of roles (actors, designers, technical crew, etc.) will be decided upon and the filming of the News Casts may begin. Our schedule aims to have the final product completed by the second week of April.

Aside from our inquiry, LC7 has been focusing on the 6+1 Writing Traits.


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Student-Led Conferences

Hello again,

This week Student-Led Conference sheets went home, if you are yet to schedule your visit please contact your teacher to discuss a meeting time that best suits your family’s schedule. We look forward to meeting with you and showcasing your child’s work!

Again, they will be taking place the 13th and 15th after school until roughly 7:00pm.

We hope to see you all there!


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Recap of the week of February 27th – March 2nd, 2011


As you all know, we had the opportunity to go to CTV to witness the inner workings of how a broadcast goes from a real-life story to a publicized airing. I just wanted to once again commend our students on being respectful to those at CTV and for being such great representatives for Greystone Centennial Middle School!

Now that we have had this authentic experience the students will be do the appropriate research to begin compiling their ideas for putting on their own broadcast.


What event is the most significant event in Canada pre-confederation

Big Idea:
– Understand how political, economic and military events contributed to foundations of Canada.
– How has our past shaped Canada today?

Here is the list of events and roles that your child has applied for:

(Student groups have already been determined)

1. Acadia under British Control
2. Seven Year War/Plains of Abraham/Treaty of Paris
3. Royal Proclamation/Quebec Act
4. Loyalist migration/War of Independence
5. War of 1812

Role descriptors:

Persons of interest- The role of the persons of interest is to learn the the characters, history, mannerisms and characteristics in the correct time setting to accurately portray the character in the news cast.

News anchor – The news anchor is responsible for following the script, introducing guests, memorize their lines and maintain the flow of the news cast.

Field reporter- The field reporters job is to conduct a professional interview with the persons of interest.  They will have to learn the proper edict, questioning techniques as well as memorize their lines.

Props and costumes- Responsible for designing and creating the props and costumes that will be used in the production.  They must be able to responsibly work with the camera person.

Camera and behind the scenes – Responsible for researching and using multiple film techniques and angles when capturing the interviews, and news anchor.  The role also maintaining equipment and interacting with props and set design to find the best scenes and angles to capture the performance on camera.

Script – everyone is included so you don’t need to include this in your choices


A few of the LC7 classes will be doing germination experiments this week. 


We are all within different stages of the Patterns and Relations Units but everyone seems to be progressing very well. 


In order to strengthen writing, we are focusing on the 6+1 Writing Traits. 

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CTV Trip

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