Camp is almost here!

Grade 7 Year-end Camp is fast approaching!

Are you ready for the fun ahead?

To help you get ready, here’s what you need to bring:

Your Camp Nakaman Supply Checkist:



Bathing suit (appropriate and modest)


Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc)

Sleeping bag + pillow


Appropriate footwear (running shoes, flip flops for

water activities)

Multiple layers of clothing (including light) + raingear

Prescription medications

Fireside Snacks (optional)



What NOT to bring!!!

–        iPods/personal music devices

–        handheld video games,

Bring cellphones at own risk (we will be participating in water activities) and only for emergencies if necessary.

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Health Letter

May 30, 2012

Dear Parent/Guardian:

On September 1, 2010, Section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act came into effect. Pursuant to this Act, Parkland School Division is now required to provide parents with notice “where courses of study, educational programs or instructional materials, or instruction or exercises…include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion, human sexuality or sexual orientation.”
Your child is currently enrolled in the Alberta Education Health and Life Skills Program of Study in grades seven to nine. The program aims to enable students to make well informed, healthy choices and to develop behaviours that contribute to the well being of self and others. Three General Outcomes serve as the foundation for Health skills. They include wellness choices, relationship choices and life-long learning choices.
Human sexuality education is offered in grade seven to grade nine as a mandatory component of the Program of Study.

Grade 7: Examine the human reproductive process, and recognize misunderstandings associated with sexual development, identify the effects of social influences on sexuality and gender roles and equity; examine the influences on personal decision making for responsible sexual behaviour; examine abstinence and decisions to postpone sexual activity as healthy choices

For more specific information about these learning outcomes, parents may wish to go to
Instruction involving the subject matter is expected to be provided commencing on: June 5th, 2012.

Pursuant to Section 11.1(2) of the Human Rights Act, you as a parent/guardian may request that your child be excluded from the above-identified instruction, without academic penalty, by having your child either:
a) leave the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place or where the instructional material is being used for the duration of that part of the instruction; or
b) remain in the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place without taking part in the instruction or use of the instructional material.
Sign and return the attached student Exemption Form, or otherwise indicate in writing, to your child’s teacher on or before the Commencement Date of the instruction that you wish to exercise your right to exclude your child by one of the means indicated above. If your child’s teacher does not receive this form prior to the Commencement date, your child will be included in the instruction.

If you would like additional information about the content of this notification, please contact the LC7 team.

LC7 Team
Matt Stelmaschuk, Crystal Doyle, Trish Spink, Catherine Savard

In response to the Notice provided to me by the Parkland School Division indicating that the Grade 7 to 9 Health and Life Skills Program of Study in which my child is enrolled, includes subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with human sexuality, I hereby request, in accordance with section 11.1(2) of the Human Rights Act, that my child be excluded from the instruction, the exercise or the use of instructional material identified in the notice.
I request that my child: (check relevant box)
q А) Leave the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place or where the instructional material is being used for the duration of that part of the instruction.
q B) Remain in the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place without taking part in the instruction or use of the instructional material.
I confirm that I am the legal guardian of the student named below and have chosen to exercise my right to have my child excluded from the instruction described in the parent/guardian Notice from the Commencement Date and the following dates indicated in the Notice. I also confirm that it is my obligation to ensure that this form is returned to the teacher on or before the Commencement Date of the instruction indicated in the notice.
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature Date
Print Parent/Legal Guardian Name

Print Student Name

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June is here!

It is hard to believe that June is here. Here is a quick update of what we are learning in LC7.
Students are finishing our unit on investigating circles and will be a having unit test next week. Students should be able to:
• Calculate the diameter, radius, circumference and area of a circle.
• Calculate the area of a parallelogram and triangle
• Interpret circle graphs to solve problems
• Identifying where we use this in our real world
Last week we started our unit on Planet Earth. The students are researching a Mighty Mineral. After researching the mineral they are going to create an advertisement for their mineral.
We are continuing to learn about The Great Migration and Push for Democracy. Students are investigating how the Reformers demanded change in Upper and Lower Canada.
This week we are continue to write our mystery story. We are also reading the mystery “And Then There Were None.”

The students had the opporunity to use a website that helped to find the career that is right for them. They picked 3 of the jobs that the website suggested and wrote a short description about what they need to get the job, what the job entails and if they thought the results were accurate.
Watch for a note coming home soon on our next unit in human sexuality.

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Mrs. Spink’s Inquiry Group Video – War of Independence

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National Skills Canada Competition

On May 15th LC7 will have the opportunity to spend the day attending the National Skills Canada Competition and exhibition at the Expo Centre in Edmonton.

Buses will be leaving Greystone at approximately 9:30 and return by 3:00pm.

Students must bring a lunch or money to buy food at the concession.


Permission forms are going home today.

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Come Support the Playscape Project and “Jolene Cote Bursary Award”

Tickets sales have been extended to TUESDAY MAY 8th for this year’s 4th Annual Pasta Palooza Family Event. Please join us on FRIDAY MAY 11th for pasta dinner, family dance, silent auction and dessert auction.

LC7 is collecting new items to make a basket for the silent auction. Our theme is Friday Night Family Fun. Please send in items ASAP.

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Hello May!

This week LC7 will be finishing Data Analysis and starting their next unit on Investigating Circles. In order to help your child prepare for the Data Analysis unit test, please review class notes and work.
Please send a small box to school for their diorama’s that represent an endangered animal’s ecosystem.
On Thursday LC7 will be watching our Inquiry Project Newscasts. This Friday the students will have a unit test where they will need to create a timeline of the key events “that shaped” Canadian History and explain how these events impacted Canada as a country. The events that we have been exploring are: The War of 1812, The War of Independence, Acadia under British Control, The Quebec Act, The Seven Year War and The Royal Proclamation.
Upcoming Events:
Thursday – Miss Rodger’s going away
LC7 will be going to Jubilee Park for a wiener roast. Please send $3 to school to help cover the cost of hot dogs, pop and snacks.
Wish Bone Day is on Friday. Please wear yellow in support of OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) also known as brittle bone.
May 11th – Greystone’s Pasta Palooza
Please buy your tickets ASAP. Each LC is donating a gift basket for the silent auction. LC7 decided their theme would be “Friday Night Family Fun.” A few items the students brainstormed were movie passes, gift certificates for ice cream, restaurants, board games etc. Please send new items to school ASAP.
June 14th & 15th – Camp Nakamun
Forms went home last week. Please return the form and money over the next few weeks.

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April showers bring May flowers


Our Data Analysis unit is wrapping up! Students can expect a Final Exam within the month. Next up: Geometry!


The filming of the News Casts have come to an end. At the moment we have students editing the work to get it ready for the other groups to view! We have almost reached the summit of Defining Moments in Canada, meaning we are approaching our final unit in Social Studies… Confederation!


Friday is a PD day so there will be no school for the students.

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Tomorrow afternoon we will be having our Heroes celebrations – congratultions LC7 for completing the program!

Friday afternoon will be spent watching the talent of our school’s talent in our annual Talent Show (aka: Greystone Idol)!



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What we have been up to!

LC7 has been a hustle and a bustle as we are nearing the end of our Inquiry Project. Lately the students haven been rehearsing their scripts, building sets, props and costumes. This week the filming of their News Casts will take place and the airing will (fingers crossed) be next week. Perhaps we can get their final products on the blog so you can get a glimpse into all the creative work these students have been doing.

Our penultimate unit in science has commenced – and it is a very exciting unit indeed – Interactions and the Ecosystem. The big questions leading this unit are: How do human activities affect ecosystems? What methods can we use to observe and monitor changes in ecosystems, and assess the impacts of our actions?

Challenge your child at home by asking them: Why is it important to know how our actions/activities affect the ecosystem?

The current math unit has been progressing very nicely. Encourage your child to seek for practice sheets on Mean, Median and Mode as I see a Mid-Unit Test coming our way (dates will differ amongst classes so please check your child’s agenda).

In Language Arts we have been developing students’ writing by focusing on the 6+1 Traits of writing. We have noticed that a lot of students have been finding their voice as writers and in turn have been writing quality pieces that have breadth and depth. Keep it up!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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